Vol. 3 No. 2 - 2007


Vol 3 - Issue 2 : 2007
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Vol. 3 No. 2 - 2007

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Akbar Ahmeds' "Journey into lslam":Brookings Institutes' Project
A Young American in the Muslim World - Hattey Woidt
Our Journey into the Islamic World - Frankie Martin & Hailey Woldt
The Challenge of the Moderates - Jonathan Hayden
Sharing a Universal Message with Very Different Audiences - Frankie Martin
A Journey to Understanding:Reflections from Indonesia - Amineh Ahmed Hoti
Journey into Jnited Kingdom - Frankie Martin
Journey into lslam:The Crisis of Globalization Launched - Craig Considine
Journey into Islam Reviewed - Tamara Sonn & Tony Blankley
Wesl Must Stop Looking at Islam through the Lens of Terror - Anthea Lipsett
Labour of Love - Karamatullah K.Ghori
A Subtler Take on the Clash of Civilization - Huw Richards
Islam in Today's World (A conversation with Akbar Ahmed) - Gustaf Houtman/Anthropology Today
Five Years after 9/11 /Dialogue* with Islam Cause for Hope (Question/Answer with Akbar Ahmed) - Mark O'Keefe
Across the Greal Divide - Paula Span
Foreword to Akbar Ahmeds' Resistance and Control in Pakistan - Francis Robinson
Foreword to Akbar Ahmeds' Discovering Islam - Lawrence Rosen
On Twc Views of the Swat Pushtun - Louis Dupree, Frederick Barth, C.J.Carpenter, Joyce Pettigrew, Mark Slobin, Bahramm Tavakolian
The Pukhtun Deromanticised - Louis Dupree
Posl Modernist Perceptions Df lslam:Observing the Observer - Akbar Ahmed
The Trial of Dara Shikoh; A Play in Three Acts - Akbar Ahmed
Bibliography of Included Work BooksPlays and Articles - Akbar Ahmed

Holy Peace or Holy WarTolerance and Coexistence In the Islamic Juridical Tradition - Liyakat Takim



Secular Women's Activism n Contemporary Egypt
Jihad Against Terrorism
Islamic Renaissance Now
Islamic Finance has Much to Learn from the West
The Zero Percent Solution
New Technologies and Women from Arab Countries: a Forest of Concepts, a Complex Reality
Vemen; Gender Gap in Education Among the Highest in the World Iran: Ayatollah Khameini tells Women not tc Play with Islamic Law' Malaysia: Know your Reproductive Rights. Malaysians Tolc


Communal Unity and Indian Freedom Struggle
Economic Bonds: India and Iran


Studies in History of Russian Military Oriental Studies by MX. Baskhanov - Michael Kemper
The Foundations of the Composite Cultures in India by Malik Mohammad - Shibani Roy
The Red Thread Healing Possession at a Muslim Shrine in North Indiaby Beatrix Pfleiberer - Shibani Roy


Women Living under Muslim Laws
Al-Makhtoun Institute

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